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GR8 stands for Global Responsibility and the 8 fundamental principles.


With the evolving lifestyle patterns, GR8 is a platform that enables people to think, act and be towards the imperative challenges we face today.

One for all, all for one. 

Our Mission

GR8 strives to implement change by working closely with organizations, policy makers and others to educate people about these matters at a micro and macro level.


Through various keynote speakers from diverse backgrounds, GR8 strives to inform and educate the society about the 8 principles that are interlinked and important for our future.

Aside from working and implementing these principles, together with organizations, government bodies and companies we also offer corporate programs tailored to the specific needs of each businesses, concentrating on diversity, sustainability and globalization.

Our Mission

Our Vision

GR8 is an organization that is joining forces to combine 8 important causes and principles to raise awareness about.


1. Diversity & Inclusion  


2. Education - Tradition & Innovation


3. Sustainability


4. Climate Change


5. Health, Nutrition & Beauty


6. Globalization


7. Social Diplomacy & Manners


8. Mindfulness

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